Student Speaker: Serafima Healy

Serafima wearing an embroidered top sitting in soft natural light at a table with a coffee cup and a peach

Serafima Healy of Seattle majored in business administration with a concentration in marketing, and completed two minors: entrepreneurship and innovation, and the Honors Program’s interdisciplinary minor. She was also a teaching fellow in Western’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, where she became a certified life coach and completed an independent study project about professional coaching.  

At Western, Serafima worked at KUGS as a local music coordinator, built her freelance web design business and interned at Freakout Records in Seattle. After graduation, she will continue to work remotely for Freakout Records and in her coaching business, Zavadila, while she travels the country in a renovated school bus with five friends she met in the Honors Residential Community.  

Even amid our grief over the pandemic, Serafima says, it’s still important to celebrate your accomplishment of graduation. Then, it’s time to take a break and recover before rebuilding your life based on your own values.

Serafima's Speech